Nutrition for Doctors

What nutrition advice should doctors dispense?  This is not a simple question with a straightforward answer.  On one hand what people eat is a lifestyle choice reasonably beyond the scope of ever-shrinking doctor visits.  On the other hand, recent nutritional advances are proving integral to optimal treatment of many chronic diseases. 

Doctors who don’t bill a single visit for nutrition counseling can use some of the latest nutritional medicine in their daily practice of good medicine. That’s been my opinion throughout the five years of writing Metabolism Matters.  Now it’s being shared in new venues. 

  • I invite you to view my webcast video editorial on Medscape General Medicine entitled Good primary care is obesity medicine. 
  • You may wish to log on or tune in to public radio December 10th at noon for what is likely to be a lively, on-topic discussion where listeners call in.


During this holiday season I turn to you, the readers of Metabolism Matters, to thank you for your involvement year-round and to ask for your comments. Please tell me about your doctor-patient conversations.  How does nutrition fit in? Would a patient version of Food and Nutrients in Disease Management (CRC Press, 2009) be helpful in discussing nutrition with your doctor? Your candid thoughts would be most appreciated at this key time. 

Tis the season(ing),Ingrid