What does an integrative medicine physician specialist suggest for you?

Nutrition Doctor Ingrid Kohlstadt

First and foremost, a physician specialist who is Board Certified in Nutrition is not quite the same as a nutritionist. Dr. Kohlstadt is an integrative medicine physician, trained at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  As you may already know, many doctors will confide to  you that “We never learned about integrative medicine or about nutrition in medical school.” That’s changing, fortunately.

Now, a doctor can learn about integrative medicine as part of their medical school’s electives. Medical schools are beginning to offer certifications (called CME’s) to a doctor who wants to treat their patients with an eye to food and nutrients.

Perhaps most important, an integrative medical doctor will look at every patient as an individual. No two patients have the  exact same metabolism. Not even identical twins! So when a doctor like Ingrid Kohlstadt MD, MPH makes a suggestion about her patients’ health, rest assured that she is looking at them as unique individuals. That’s what an integrative medical physician does.


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Posted on: April 24, 2014, by : Ingrid