Consultations available for patients and for corporations

Integrative medicine doctor Ingrid Kohlstadt consulting with a patient

Doctor Ingrid Kohlstadt has set additional time aside in her schedule to accept phone or Skype consultations to optimize your wellness potential. She also consults with industry and corporations as a key opinion leader in integrative medicine, supplements, nutrition, FDA regulations, and medicinal foods. As a graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and with Masters Degree in Public Health, Dr. Kohlstadt has dedicated her career to helping patients get their health on track by sharing her integrative medicine insights.

Please email Dr. Ingrid Kohlstadt  through the Contact Page to set up an appointment. You will find she is an excellent listener, and will work with you and your primary care practitioner to get to the bottom of what tests will prove insightful, nutrition modifications that are clinically and scientifically proven to be most effective, and if nutrients or supplements are worth considering.

Note that if you like, Dr. Kohlstadt can speak “doctor to doctor” with your specialists about nutrition and it’s benefits, possible lifestyle modifications that work within what you are capable of accomplishing,  as well as the most cost effective way to find wellness.

Doctor Ingrid Kohlstadt looks forward to hearing from you.



Posted on: May 26, 2014, by : Ingrid