Functional Medicine Update with Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Bland PhD Functional Medicine Update

Dr. Kohlstadt is the inaugural guest on Dr. Bland’s first new free-podcast issue of Functional Medicine Update.

In his first free podcast of 2016, Dr. Jeff Bland interviews Ingrid Kohlstadt, MD, MPH. Dr. Kohlstadt has a goal, and that goal is to transform the lives of children and their families through nutrition. She has spent her career pursuing and pioneering opportunities in support of this effort through clinical, public health, research, and regulatory work. Dr. Kohlstadt is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She is double board certified in both preventive medicine and nutrition, and holds a Masters Degree in Public Health (Epidemiology). She has practiced medicine on every continent including Antarctica and is considered a key opinion leader in integrative medicine. Dr. Kohlstadt is a published author and a regular health contributor to Time magazine.

To learn more about NutriBee, a national nutrition competition founded by Dr. Kohlstadt that not for profit and community based, visit the NutriBee website.

Please visit Dr. Bland’s website listen to the full interview. You can stream the audio or download the audio at this link:


Posted on: April 3, 2016, by : Ingrid