Working together with Dr. Kohlstadt

Integrative medicine doctor Ingrid Kohlstadt consulting with a patient

Ingrid Kohlstadt MD, MPH is available for private medical teleconference by phone, Skype, or in certain situations Apple FaceTime. For an appointment, please go to our Contact page, fill out the contact form, and let us know how to reach you by phone and email. You will be conferencing directly with Dr. Kohlstadt, and your information will be kept strictly confidential.

Dr. Kohlstadt can help you find optimal health and make informed decisions. Having practiced medicine on all seven continents, including twice as station doctor at Antarctica, her diverse and broad experiences as a graduate of Johns Hopkins Medical School will help you make well-informed health decisions.

She provides patient and careful explanations in plain English, and she helps clients understand what’s happening in their body as she translates test results and advice from specialists in a language clients can understand. Working together, you will explore the entire range of available treatment options.

Dr. Kohlstadt’s  knowledge and advice is especially valuable with respect to:

  1. Decisions regarding when or whether surgery is a proper form of treatment
  2. Interpreting the results of laboratory tests
  3. Understanding whether specific medications or a particular therapy regimen is safe and effective
  4. Learning what questions are most important to ask primary care physicians and treatment specialists
  5. Anticipating and avoiding side effects from medications and/or complications from surgery or hospitalization
  6. Devising plans for optimum nutrition, a balanced lifestyle, and maximizing the healing powers of your body

With your permission, Dr. Kohlstadt will review patient records and explain the results and opinions they contain. You’re also welcome to submit, in writing, questions for discussion prior to your consultation. If you like, as part of his consultation service, Dr. Kohlstadt can communicate with your primary care physician or treatment specialist(s).

Availability: Dr. Kohlstadt is available for teleconferences (or Skype/Facetime) on Thursday evenings from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST. Alternate times may be arranged by prior agreement, especially if your situation is urgent.

Fee: Dr. Kohlstadt, like many integrative physicians nationwide, are unable to provide optimal service when constrained by health insurance provisions. Therefore, Dr. Kohlstadt accepts payments only by check, or by credit card (credit cards are accepted only through a secure PayPal account). Payments are due prior to your consultation.

Private consultations with Dr. Kohlstadt are $245 for 30 minutes, or $465 for one hour. Follow-up consultations involving the same diagnosis may be arranged at a reduced cost.

Disclaimer: Private conferences by phone or Skype are for information purposes only. Dr. Kohlstadt cannot assume clinical care for patients who are not treated in person, nor can she write prescriptions or assume responsibility for patients clinical condition or course. You are encouraged to retain a primary care provider for clinical care, prescriptions, etc.

Please read our Disclaimer page.