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Age of Autism review of “Food and Nutrients in Disease Management”

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July 20, 2009

6 Responses to “Age of Autism review of “Food and Nutrients in Disease Management””

  1. Bob Wheeler Says:

    after reading this I am wondering what role a sufficient balance of redox-signaling molecules could play in overcoming the cellular inflammation and oxidative stress involved here. If the cell is stressed and communication is limited because of the stress, the cell will never get what it needs to become healthy and will be in a continual state of dysfunction. Seems that this would at least enhance all therapies. Supplementing with a balance of redox-signaling molecules has “calmed” me down tremendously from anxiety as well as other minor mental dysfunctions.

  2. Terry, VP Nutrition Facts Says:

    Wow. I’ve never read such a thorough article online. The analysis on the importance of fats is mind-boggling. Have conclusions been reached on specific nutrients and food sources to prevent autism, for example flaxseed, pumpkinseed, and walnut oils?

  3. Maria Says:

    Is mentioned Phenylbutyrate called “Buphenyl” or “SPB11″? Just trying to find. i need it very much.

  4. Dr. Joseph Harder Says:

    In response to Bob Wheeler, from a website I found. Interesting.

    “If ASEA is made up of trillions of Redox Signaling Molecules it’s fair to assume that this amazing supplement might offer some interesting results on Autism.


    Well what we do know is that studies have shown that ALL autistic children are glutathione-deficient and as ASEA increases glutathione production exponentially it’s fair to assume it might just help.

    The important question perhaps is can a boost in Redox Signaling Molecules really help families with autistic children? Well it’s hard to say but go read these 2 amazing testimonials from Mothers who have children with Autism and make your own mind up.

    The first testimony is from Zane’s mum who was using homeopathic therapies on Zane prior to her discovery of ASEA. She describes in her blog the changes in Zane’s behavior – ‘His demeanor is so pleasant and he is content and at peace. In fact, we are both so relaxed in comparison to the anxiety and stress felt before. He is happy almost all the time.’

    Another touching story comes from Jesika’s which is told by her mum Stephanie. ‘Since birth Jesika acted as if she was a newborn she would get up every 2-4 hours and she would want to eat, play or she would need to have her diaper changed. We have not been able to find anything that would help her to sleep even 4 hours at a time, not even the highest dose of medication would help her to sleep not to mention the guilt that we felt when we were medicating our daughter to the point that she was just dazed but still could not sleep. My husband and I finally decided that this was the way that our lives were going to be like for as long as she was with us. In September of 2010 we were introduced to the most amazing product called ASEA. After only a few days on the product we immediately noticed that she had slept through the night.’

    We’re pretty sure you’ll find other testimonies, but these two touched our hearts and we feel massively endorse the power of this Redox Signaling supplement. We truly thank these 2 mum’s for sharing their amazing story – what an inspiration!”

    Again this is from someone’s site that I found on the web while searching for redox signaling molecules and autism.

    Is there promise here? The science seems solid from my social, not hard, scientist perspective.

    ~ Joe

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